Our Team Days or ‘CSR Days’ started in 2004 – when Perkins Engines and Caterpillar held
their first one. Since then, over 30 companies have ensured that their employees, sample the enjoyment of working together in their community.

We started the 'Employee Team Days' in 2004

Brian Pearce wrote to his Senior Manager at Perkins Engines - Nigel Parkinson and asked if I could have 30 employees to help out in the Wildlife Haven? he said yes! The 'Employee Team Days' have gone from strength to strength!  Companies that have taken part include, Perkins Engines and Caterpillar (the Pioneers!) and a host of other fabulous companies have certainly contributed to this massive project in an amazing variety of ways.

Companies so far that have took part in Team Days are - Perkins Engines, Caterpillar, RSA Insurance Group, Thomas Cook, Ministry of Works & Pensions, Marriott Hotels, Enterprise, Virgin Media, Skanska, Bakkavor, Yorkshire Building Society, BlackRock, Barclays Bank, Greenwoods Solicitors, BGL Group, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Viridor and Peterborough City Council, Anglian Water, MWH Treatment, Schneider and Circlefire & Electrical Limited!

We have all had a great time - Achieved some remarkable work.

Perkins Engines

Perkins Engines have always helped this project since day one, with moral and financial support – The Team Days started in 2004 and have continued ever since. Every year part of the company’s Apprentices and Graduate Induction take place with us. Perkins were major supporters of the Signal Box, Bird Hide and Viewing Platform.

BGL Group

Since 2015 – BGL have been very active with our Team Days, some years we have had over 30 BGL employees on site at one time, helping out in so many ways. They have also helped financially on many of the projects including the Signal Box, the information screens in Globe Hall Earth Centre.

Yorkshire Building Society

They hold regular Employee Team Days throughout the year, they have also supported us in many ways over the past five year. They love helping out in the wildlife haven, no task is too much for them. We always love to welcome them back!    

RSA Insurance Group

They have held regular Team Days for many years, I remember once they wanted to spend a week with us helping out, and of course we obliged! RSA have supported the charity in many ways over the past six years. They love helping out in the wildlife haven, no task is too much for their employees.   

Anglian Water & MWH Treatment

An amazing group of employees - They have held regular annual Team Days for many years, and they are so quick! They have supported us in many ways over the past few years. They love helping out in the wildlife haven, they love practical task with lots of construction – We always oblige!    


In 2007 Brian Pearce was awarded the Caterpillar Chairman's Award for Community Service. - With the award was a donation of $25,000 by ‘The Caterpillar Trust’ to the charity. We also benefited from the ‘Cat Demonstration Team’ for 5 weeks in 2005!
They held part of their company induction on the project – tackling lots of engineering jobs as part of their employees
‘Day in the Community’.


For close on 5 years Bakkavor have held their company’s National Recruitment Induction with us, the morning being spent with presentations and discussions about the company and its values, the afternoon dedicated to exciting projects and teamwork in the Wildlife Haven. In 2018 the Railworld Wildlife Haven was selected by the Bakkavor Apprentices as their charity of the year. The apprentices raised £1000 and the company matched the donation. 

Circlefire and Electrical Ltd

For over 10 years the team at Circlefire have looked after our fire extinguishers. Annually when the service is due, the team descend on the site checking, refilling and testing the extinguishers – making sure we are all safe and secure for the forthcoming season. They also check, repair and certify our emergency lighting.   

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society

This company has now merged into the Yorkshire Building Society… Prior to the merger – they held very regular Team Days at the Wildlife Haven. They often brought plants with them to add extra colour to the flora! They also raised funds and donated a very smart Vitavia Greenhouse – A most useful asset for the Wildlife Haven volunteers. Vitavia gave the charity a special deal on the greenhouse for the volunteers.


The company rang up and said - We want to help your volunteers for a week this year! And believe me they did! They have been back to help – But they started with a full week of practical support! All sorts of tasks completed, including the facing of the footbridge supports, covering the reinforced concrete with nice Victorian Bricks that we had available!