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Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

We are so excited that Rt Hon Nadhim Zahawi has announced that from September 2025 - The Government has unveiled a plethora of new skills and education commitments under its 'Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy'.

The aim of the strategy is to equip children with new ways of learning about the environment, the climate crisis and sustainability.

Our volunteers have been promoting this sort of education for over 25 years – We have achieved so much and we have raised some money to help build a display to highlight all that is important for the ‘New 2025 Syllabus’ – This could be all laid out and displayed on our new mezzanine floor (Designed, Installed and Provided by Dean Johnson of A1 Steel Limited) the floor surrounds our 'Solar Powered World' in the ‘Globe Hall Earth Centre’ - We are so passionate about this; the Registered Charity would like to help to get this important syllabus promoted both locally and nationally!

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