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'UK Heritage Railways Associations Annual Awards for Environmental Innovation' - WE Made it!!

The Volunteer Team at the 'Railworld Wildlife Haven' are through to the final 3 in the 'UK Heritage Railways Associations Annual Awards for Environmental Innovation'! They were raised in a ‘ReUse’, RePurpose, Share and Save World! Now they call the fundamentals of what we do the ‘Circular Economy’ (CE) – And if society adopted it in a significant way so many ‘Climate’ problems could be alleviated! The ‘Linear Economy’ – ‘Take & Make & Waste’ model is an utter disaster! - Adopting the ‘CE’ gives us the tools to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, it also gives us the power to grow prosperity, jobs, and resilience while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, waste, and pollution. Volunteers have built a successful charity by highlighting the benefits of a ‘CE’. The December 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference - Has issued some stark warnings about the health of our planet, they say that while some countries manage to maintain their biodiversity, the UK has only 50.3% remaining. Building the ‘’Railworld Wildlife Haven’ on a ‘Wing and a Prayer’ – Has helped to improve our City of Peterborough's Habitat, Biodiversity and Environmental Status!

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