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This is a fascinating aerial picture taken from the Aerofilms collection, a pioneering air survey company set up in 1919 by First World War veterans Francis Lewis Wills and Claude Grahame-White.

This picture taken in 1934 show the recently completed viaduct over the River Nene and the Cross County Railway route to March and Cambridge 

Pbor east 1934.jpg

A view taken from 'Britain from above' – Can you find some historic pictures of where you live?

Volunteers will be continually adding pictures here as they become available ... If you have any to share - please email them to us .. 

Watch these videos to find out more about our amazing environmental project. 

This video about the formation of the 'Railworld Wildlife Haven' was provided for us by Paul Stainton.... It gives an insight into the challenges the volunteers faced when they started the project to create inner city green space. Most importantly for our wildlife, but also an intriguing, exciting place for our children to explore and learn about the wonders of our Natural World. 

This excellent little video about the 'Railworld Wildlife Haven' created by one of our visitors and donated to the project - Thank you Nathan   

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