"OO" Railways, models and tracks

A huge and detailed railway model design with several tracks crossing live for your eyes to see.

The haven

Since 1995 - Volunteers, companies. groups and individuals have been clearing and contouring the site primarily to create habitat for our native species. The site is now home to over 200 species of flora and fauna.

This area was once a coal storage yard for the Peterborough Power Station, built in the late 40s where ASDA Supermarket is now. It was a derelict area when acquired for Railworld by the Rev. Richard Paten, the idea to create habitat, came from the wildlife havens that Perkins Engines Company Limited had created on their Eastfield site. British Railways had donated 3 sections of Victorian Great Northern Railway aqueduct built in the1840s at Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire.

These were installed in the wildlife haven to create an intriguing exciting place for our children to explore and learn about the wonders of nature. Please bring a picnic and enjoy!

Globe hall

The Globe Hall is a work of many years, of many dedicated volunteers sponsored by many entities.

B&M twin cylinder generator

A rare sample of clean energy history. This unit is here for you to see, touch and understand where our technology evolved from

The waterfall

In 2015 some of our volunteers decided to offer some of their time to improve our waterfall. And this is the amazing result! A natural looking waterfall in the heart of Peterborough.

Ghost train

Find your way through the labyrinth to find the ghost train or the empty tunnels

Mary mud maid

Mary the Mud Maid – Inspired by the ‘Sleeping Mud-Maid’ in the lost gardens of Helligan in Cornwall. Mary was created on a rainy day in May 2009. Thanks to the hard work and vision shown by a team from Perkins Engines Company Limited, she was transformed into an incredible sculpture. Mary’s rich ivy vegetation dress also provides an important habitat for our native species.


In 1984, the World's first commercial MagLev guided transit system was officially opened by HM The Queen, at Birmingham International Airport.

The system operated between Birmingham's International Railway Station and Airport across a 625m track, until 1995 when the system was closed.

Railworld is home to Car 1 of the three Maglev Cars that were in operation.

We are raising funds to restore - Currenly not on display - But will be part of a larger display - Trains without wheels.